Cleveland County YMCA

Families Run STrong

The Dover Foundation YMCA has launched a new program to reach more students in Cleveland County!  Research continues to support and prove the age old understanding that healthy and strong families create healthy and strong communities

In January of 2018 we launched our new program for 3rd - 8th students Families Run Strong.  These running teams equip families with the opportunities to grow healthy together. These families and teams will set a goal of completing one of the Cleveland County Family Association YMCA 5k races.  Registration fee of $25 per season covers the materials for weekly team practices with a volunteer coach, t-shirt and race registration for the 5k.  Families set goals to complete 15 Healthy Habits over the 12 week season and can earn a discounted race registration with their completed Healthy Habits.  Family members also have the opportunity to join their student for training periodically throughout the season!

                                                                                   Spring 2019  has begun!

Time to Sign up your team and location!  

Contact Krista Allen @ to volunteer and register your team.  We will..

1. Print registration forms for you with your practice time and day YOU CHOOSE!

2. Collect your registration forms and money after you complete registration at your site.

3.  Supply all curriculum and take home materials.

4.  Register ALL your STUDENTS and two volunteers per site. 

(Two volunteers per site get FREE registration for the June Bug Jam5k!!)

Any school or church or organization with two volunteers can host a team!  Join us in endeavor to build healthy families in Cleveland County.  

We would love for your school, church or program to host a team Spring 2019.  Please reach out to us if you are interested!

More more information, please contact Krista Allen @, or call (704) 669.3633